Is Chocolate As Valuable As Caviar?

As the seasons change and Christmas rapidly approaches, consumers begin to plan out this year’s shopping conquests. Shopping malls are hung with lights and “holiday sale” signs deck the halls. It seems that every year there’s a new hot item that everyone has to get their hands on. Almost always a fad and almost always ridiculously expensive. However, there’s one gift that has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most popular gifts to give during the holidays: a Christmas chocolate gift box.

The Cocoa Shortage

Now more than ever this tried and true commodity is a must buy for any loved one. Due to the current environmental state, the cocoa bean, the raw material of chocolate, will soon become a rarity. Poor harvests have resulted in the worst cocoa bean shortage in 40 years. Industry specialists predict the world could run out of affordable chocolate in the next 20 years. Some even go as far as to say that superior, premium chocolate will one day become as valuable as caviar. So what does this mean for big business? The principles of economics denote that when supply is low and demand is high, cost is forced to increase and, as a consequence, so will price. As cocoa bean scarcity takes its tole and the need for the irresistible treat continues to climb, manufacturers are forced to consider a raise in prices. What does this mean for consumers? As experts propose, this looming price increase is over the long-term so understanding and applying this shortage information is crucial. Knowing that chocolate prices with increase in the near future, any thrifty consumer would buy up as any Christmas chocolate gift boxes as they could. It’s as if they’re getting a special discount for being an intelligent shopper.

Consider Specialty Shops

A great way to beat out the competition to get as many Christmas chocolate gift boxes as possible is to try a specialty shop. Stores that specialize in Christmas chocolate gift boxes will most likely keep their prices lower for longer due to their exclusivity. Specialty shops don’t need to buy a couple thousand pounds of cocoa beans like most major candy manufacturers. Having the ability to purchase cocoa beans in smaller amounts allows their supply to stay more consistent for longer and subsequently, costs will stay low. Brand name mass manufacturing firms don’t have that luxury. Specialty shops are also more likely to have better quality chocolate for the same reasons. As mass manufacturers use preservatives and fillers to supplement for the loss of genuine chocolate, specialty shops on the other hand manufacture in much smaller amounts and therefore can provide a more fulfilling chocolate experience.

As everyone begins their holiday shopping, remember that giving a Christmas chocolate gift box will save you money now and speak volumes in the long run. So while amongst the clutter that is Christmas shopping, consider this, a Christmas chocolate gift box is like a diamond in the rough. At first glance it seems common but upon closer inspection there’s a priceless treasure within.

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