Who Invented Skittles?

Skittles were devised by a gentleman who was named, by no coincidence, Mr. Skittle. Mr. Skittle one day looked up at the rainy sky of England, and saw a rainbow arching over his house. His curiosity led him to think what a rainbow would taste like. This is where Skittles catch phrase comes from: “taste the rainbow.” Mr. Skittle began to experiment with a myriad of different flavored candies in order to taste the rainbow. Finally he decided on one formula which would be the Skittle we all know and love today. The five original flavors were created by Mr. Skittle himself. These flavors were grape, lemon, lime, orange and strawberry. Soon after, Skittle began to mass produce these candies all over the world. In 1974, full production of skittles began by and English candy company. The trademark letter “s” was inscribed on every skittles candy from day 1, however it was originally a blackish, deep violet color. This would later change to the white color skittles have today in 1988.

As demand for skittles grew, these candies began to be shipped internationally, coming to the United States in 1979 as an import candy. The popularity of the skittle grew so fast in the United States that in 1981, the Skittle company was moved to the United States for good, and the European production of skittles was moved to the Czech Republic, to be made by a section of the Mars candy company.

Mr. Skittle took his idea and was able to grow it into an international company. Today there are 18 different varieties of skittles.

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